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My Mission & Vision

My vision and mission is to help you heal yourself and find balance

I am a Clear Channel of Light and Love for Self Healing. I bring forth the tools to clear obstacles, that keep us in doubt and fear, allowing you to become your amazing and true self. I am here to open you up to your gifts and self love. Life is limitless.

We are limitless.

We find our joyous and bountiful life, by letting go of old belief systems that block us of seeing the true essence of ourselves. I guide you to connect to the heart of yourself with letting go of regret, hate, shame, anger, self pity, victimizing, etc. The traumas we have been through are placed in our life to learn from, and to understand and change the non-truths of ourselves and the world we live in. With these blessings we uncover the beautiful and magnificent beings we are.

Pain is our guide.

As we learn to let go and receive, pain will disappear and joy and harmony takes over.

We have this choice.

When our eyes are open to understanding and we have the tools and techniques available it allows us to move forward with true of heart. As we heal ourselves we heal all energies and beings around us. This is True Healing of this World.

Stacey Angelow

Stacey Angelow


HI! I am Stacey Angelow and am excited to help facilitate you to the potential you can become. I have worked many jobs assisting people in trauma and scary situations. I worked many years as a Firefighter/EMT, Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue, and Ski Patrol.

Through my extensive work experience I have learned how trauma can adversely affect the subconscious of a person. As my life had its own traumas, illnesses, abuse, and near death experiences, it provided insight into the emotional and physical damage of what can happen to all of us. Through facing the challenges life often threw at me, I understand what it means to survive and to overcome. I learned how these situations bond with us cellularly, physically, mentally, emotionally, and sometimes spiritually. We relive these imprints and impressions daily in our unconscious brain. It shows up in injuries never completely healing, disease, self defeat, suicidal, lack of worth, and the list goes on. I understand this all to well. I have lived it, as so have many of you.

During my evolution of this journey I have learned the tools to heal myself and navigate the experiences with a much better understanding and outlook. These life situations have taught me to become and create a much better version of myself. I love my active, healthy lifestyle I now live and all the challenges it brings. I have created a safe space to help all of you who are ready to create a new life of self-love, self-awareness and self-healing.

“I am eternally grateful for Stacey’s compassion and powerful energy that facilitates the body’s own healing process. Stacey’s work has not only helped heal structural spine subluxation and the aches and pains from an active Tahoe lifestyle, but also helped surface and release subtle emotional trauma that has been hindering my overall wellness for years. As soon as I started working with Stacey my detrimental thinking patterns and fears began to resolve and the painful muscle tension quickly dissolved. I was truly amazed. She pulled me out of a difficult depression and was able to get to root of what was causing my physical pain and frustration. It literally feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. This is healing that reaches you on all levels…physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. If you want to really dive deep into your health, she has the strength and ability to take you there. Her work is profound and has made a lasting impact on my health and wellness.”

– Lauren B. | Tahoe City, CA


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pain/Trauma Release Therapy?

Pain/Trauma Release Therapy is a technique pioneered by Stacey Angelow. It energetically accesses the whole body to facilitate lasting healing. The goal is to resolve chronic or acute pain on more than just the physical level. As sessions progress, it typically becomes clear that the clients physical pain also has an emotional element attached to it. Many times addressing this emotional element becomes the key to resolving the physical pain or illness. It is an all-encompassing healing process. The client should be ready and willing to participate in this process. Multiple sessions should be expected for maximum results.

Do you work over distances/distance healing?

Stacey has the ability to feel and adjust your energy over any distance. She does not need to be in your physical presence in order to heal and work on your pain and energy. If you are not in the area, please contact Stacey to begin distance healing sessions or to find out more information.

What is Psychic Spinal Alignment?

Structural Body Alignment is an intent driven, osteo-energetic treatment that properly aligns the spine and/or any bones within the body. It is a non-invasive treatment: bones are not physically "popped" or "cracked". No damage is caused to surrounding tissues, including muscles and discs. Unlike other common techniques, Structural Alignment is not a shock to the body. Instead, the treatment releases the emotional, energetic, and physical causes of dysfunction in a gentle, but profound way, providing lasting relief. This is a great alternative to Chiropractic.
This therapy is safe and recommended for people of any age and animals with any type of injury
or pain. Stacey has also worked extensively with children and has a deep sensitivity to the needs
of the child.

What is a Medium?

The beings that have departed have moved forward in their evolution of their soul. They are a part of us in so many ways. Unfortunately, with their transformation, often times we feel lost, scared, emptiness, grief, abandoned, etc. When we can connect with those we love and treasure, so much in this life, we can receive a state of calm and release. This allows ourselves to heal and move forward. I am here to help you feel loved, never alone and know that aspect of that passed loved one is always with you.

Do you work with animals and pets?

Pets are loving loyal family members. They play and work hard, but are susceptible to injuries and traumas just like humans. Sometimes they can even take on the stresses of their owners. At times it is necessary to work with both the pet and the owner. Stacey works with your animals on an emotional, as well as, a physical level to clear blocks and injuries. She has the skills to clear emotional traumas, and align their spine without any physical manipulation. Stacey's practices are a great alternative to needles and chiropractic therapy. She uses gentle, non-invasive methods, and specializes with dogs and horses. Her telepathic abilities allows her to better understand their injuries, traumas, pains, illness, and emotional disconnect. Stacey has worked with animals her whole life, and is an animal whisperer. She has successfully worked with aggressive, fearful, and traumatic issues, as well as, spinal injuries, gut problems, arthritic hips, and seizures.

What is Spiritual House Clearing?

Because your home is the center of spiritual and domestic life, the living environment you create directly impacts you; everything from sleep cycles and moods, to a general well-being. Your dwelling needs to remain harmonious because it is from this environment which you flow into the rest of the world. This explains the importance of having a clear, positive living center. When your home is out of balance you might feel disconnected, ungrounded, irrational emotions, heaviness in the air, sleeplessness, feelings of being watched, unease, energetic influences, and a fear of walking around in the dark. The negative energies can come from divorce, death, violence, anger, noxious energies, illness, fear, past occupants, belongings, open physic sources. These negative energies inhibit the sanctuary of your home. Through Stacey's physic abilities and intuition, she rids homes, businesses, and land of entities, portals, noxious energies, attachments, and invasions. By clearing the property of negative energies, it will allow for a natural restoration of harmony and balance. A blessing and a protection will be placed upon your dwelling. After the clearing process you will feel comfortable, safe, and happy in a positive living environment.