Answers to questions about the work and services I perform


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pain/Trauma Release Therapy?

Pain/Trauma Release Therapy is a technique pioneered by Stacey Angelow. It energetically accesses the whole body to facilitate lasting healing. The goal is to resolve chronic or acute pain on more than just the physical level. As sessions progress, it typically becomes clear that the clients physical pain also has an emotional element attached to it. Many times addressing this emotional element becomes the key to resolving the physical pain or illness. It is an all-encompassing healing process. The client should be ready and willing to participate in this process. Multiple sessions should be expected for maximum results.

Do you work over distances/distance healing?

Stacey has the ability to feel and adjust your energy over any distance. She does not need to be in your physical presence in order to heal and work on your pain and energy. If you are not in the area, please contact Stacey to begin distance healing sessions or to find out more information.

What is Psychic Spinal Alignment?

Structural Body Alignment is an intent driven, osteo-energetic treatment that properly aligns the spine and/or any bones within the body. It is a non-invasive treatment: bones are not physically "popped" or "cracked". No damage is caused to surrounding tissues, including muscles and discs. Unlike other common techniques, Structural Alignment is not a shock to the body. Instead, the treatment releases the emotional, energetic, and physical causes of dysfunction in a gentle, but profound way, providing lasting relief. This is a great alternative to Chiropractic.
This therapy is safe and recommended for people of any age and animals with any type of injury
or pain. Stacey has also worked extensively with children and has a deep sensitivity to the needs
of the child.

What is a Medium?

The beings that have departed have moved forward in their evolution of their soul. They are a part of us in so many ways. Unfortunately, with their transformation, often times we feel lost, scared, emptiness, grief, abandoned, etc. When we can connect with those we love and treasure, so much in this life, we can receive a state of calm and release. This allows ourselves to heal and move forward. I am here to help you feel loved, never alone and know that aspect of that passed loved one is always with you.

Do you work with animals and pets?

Pets are loving loyal family members. They play and work hard, but are susceptible to injuries and traumas just like humans. Sometimes they can even take on the stresses of their owners. At times it is necessary to work with both the pet and the owner. Stacey works with your animals on an emotional, as well as, a physical level to clear blocks and injuries. She has the skills to clear emotional traumas, and align their spine without any physical manipulation. Stacey's practices are a great alternative to needles and chiropractic therapy. She uses gentle, non-invasive methods, and specializes with dogs and horses. Her telepathic abilities allows her to better understand their injuries, traumas, pains, illness, and emotional disconnect. Stacey has worked with animals her whole life, and is an animal whisperer. She has successfully worked with aggressive, fearful, and traumatic issues, as well as, spinal injuries, gut problems, arthritic hips, and seizures.

What is Spiritual House Clearing?

Because your home is the center of spiritual and domestic life, the living environment you create directly impacts you; everything from sleep cycles and moods, to a general well-being. Your dwelling needs to remain harmonious because it is from this environment which you flow into the rest of the world. This explains the importance of having a clear, positive living center. When your home is out of balance you might feel disconnected, ungrounded, irrational emotions, heaviness in the air, sleeplessness, feelings of being watched, unease, energetic influences, and a fear of walking around in the dark. The negative energies can come from divorce, death, violence, anger, noxious energies, illness, fear, past occupants, belongings, open physic sources. These negative energies inhibit the sanctuary of your home. Through Stacey's physic abilities and intuition, she rids homes, businesses, and land of entities, portals, noxious energies, attachments, and invasions. By clearing the property of negative energies, it will allow for a natural restoration of harmony and balance. A blessing and a protection will be placed upon your dwelling. After the clearing process you will feel comfortable, safe, and happy in a positive living environment.